The easy carrot salad.

As you probably notice, I prefer easy and quick recipes.
And today I share with you very simple carrot dish, useful for
kids and for adult.

Yes, this is from carrot! Take 2 carrots and one radish, and grate all.
All a bit salt, black pepper, and olive oil.
The oil is important one, because exactly with oil our body
may consume carotene from carrot.

For anyone who don't know why we need a carotene, I answer:
it is very useful for our eyes and sight quality.

So, eat this salad and good luck!

Fruits and carrot.

Here is another salad with carrot, also very simply and useful,
especially for kids.

Grate one carrot, and one apple with one orange cut to enough small pieces.
Add one tablespoon of honey and a little bit olive oil.

That's all you need! Enjoy!

Balls from cheese.

Very tasty and simple recipe.
Looks delightful and able to make very quickly.

Grate 200 gr cheese and 1 carrot. Add 1 clove of grinder garlic,
a few black pepper and mayonnaise. Forming a small balls and roll it
in the boiled and grinder egg.

This dish perfectly approaches for parties.

Vegetable salad with a chicken.

Yesterday I have come home very hungry, so it was necessary to make
something quickly.
In my refrigerator I had a small slice baked chicken. Great. From it I
have prepared very tasty salad. Look at this:

I took 2 leaves of salad, 1/4 small onions, small piece of cucumber
and paprika. All sliced, put on a plate and added lemon juice.
A chicken to slice thin and put above vegetables.
1 slice of bread cut to small cubes, fry on butter and add to a
chicken. Also add tomatoes (I have cherry), olives and sauce.

My sauce was: mix mayonnaise, soya sauce and chili sauce.

As a result in 5 minutes I already sat at the table and enjoyed delightful,
refined and useful salad.

Mushrooms from Venezuela.

0,5 kg fresh field mushrooms,
1/3 glasses of vinegar,
1/2 glasses of vegetable oil,
2~3 clove of garlic,
10 peas of black pepper,
1 teaspoon salt ,
2 teaspoons sugar,
2 bay leaves,

Wash up the mushrooms. If they are large cut it to halves or quarters.
Garlic cut fine. In a deep frying pan to mix all components, close
with cover and put to middle fire. After boiling turn fire to lower
and cook another 5 minutes. Next, move all to glass and put the glass
to refrigerator for 4 hours.

Very tasty, aromatic snacks. These mushrooms will be nice for every table.

Easy vegetable salad.

Very simple and very beautiful salad.

I will not write the recipe, because you can see all ingredients on this image.

Vegetable ragout.

According to this principle, I am make a ragout from any vegetables.
Just open the refrigerator and take all the vegetables are there.
The main principle here is that before all all vegetables should be separately

fried and only after mixed with salt and black pepper, and stew no more than 15 minutes.

Today, I have these vegetables:


My vegetables keep own colors due the fact that we fry all vegetables separately, and only after stew it mixed together with salt.

This is my way to keep unique flavor of vegetables.