Merry Christmas!

My dear readers and friends! I wish you Merry Christmas and keep be such great mood all over next year. Probably it will be not easy year, so good luck in all your stuff! Merry Christmas!

Fruit jelly.

As usual, very tasty and easy to prepare dessert! Kids just love this!

Take 1 pot of any canned fruits like pineapple, peaches, apricots.
Slice to small pieces.
Rested syrup mix with some juice or water, we have to have some half-liter of liquid. You can also add sugar and/or lemon juice.

Put slices fruits put in a bowl. Now we need to make a filling.
Take the juice mix you make and add to it gelatin.
Read carefully instructions on the package how you have to melt it.
Exist many kinds of gelatin and everyone have to be melted differently.
When gelatin completely insoluble in your juice mix,
fill out this mix to the bowl with fruits.

Put the bowl in cold place until full congelation.
For removing your jelly from bowl just put it for awhile to hot water
and after turn on the bowl. The jelly just jumped from.

All it very easy, and kids very love this jelly.
It good in hot summer day as well in winter.

Biscuit roll

As always, this recipe is easily prepared, fast, delicious and impressive.

You have to have:

0.5 cups. flour
0.5 cups. sugar
3 eggs
1 packet of baking powder

Mix all very well and beat up on the empty baking tray covered by foil (don't use baking paper because sponge stick totally!).
Bake in a heated about 20 minutes, at about 180C temperature.

The filling prepare in advance. It can be whipped cream and sour cream whipped with sugar, or creamy cream and jam or marmalade as it is on my photo.

Warm sponge cake fill in with your filling and use foil for make a rolls. You can sprinkle powdered sugar also.
Bon appetit!