String beans with eggs.

Today I tell you very simple but useful and beauty dish based on string beans.

I take a 500 gram string beans, remove tails, slice to pieces 3-5 cm and get it boiled about 10 minutes.

Next, take one middle sized onion and fry it to golden color. Add to pan with onion our boiled beans and cook it next 5 minutes. Don't forget closing the pan' cover.

Take 2 eggs and whip it with salt, black pepper and 3 garlic cloves. Spread to our beans and mix all it thoroughly.

Your beans will be ready ass soon eggs became baked.

Very well! Anybody want eat?

Stuffed zucchini.

This is a very useful and tasty.

Zucchini... The great thing!

Take a middle sized zucchini and cut it to circles about 5 cm thick. Get out the middle where located a seeds for having after the rings.

Place our zucchini rings on baking tray and put to each stuffing.

The stuffing really may be vary. All depends on your desires and fantasies.

Well, now our zucchini become ready to place it to hot oven for half hour. Do it!

When time is out, get baking tray from oven. Get smeared every ring mayonnaise and put tray again to the oven for some 10 minutes up to mayonnaise become redden.

Yesterday I use the shredded cheese too together with mayonnaise, but really it was unnecessary because cheese change general taste a lot.

Yesterday I use for filling
- minced meat
- rice (you have to pre-boil it until almost ready)
- onions
- the middle of our zucchini that were get out
- paprika
- salt, pepper, a little water

The result.
Delicious and easy but at the same time nourishing meal, perfectly suited for lunch in the warm summer day!

Btw, if your filling will be without meat, you will have great vegetarian dinner!

You may also make own experiments with filling, and leave comments here about it.

The marinaded cabbage at the moment...

You have to take a middle size cabbage head and cut it but not too finely.

Next, take 1 middle size onion and slice it to circles. One large sweet paprika that you shred. And one middle size carrot have to be grated.

Now the time for prepare your marinade. Take a half-glass (about 100 ml) oil, mix it with same amount of vinegar (I have 5% vinegar), 2 spoons full of sugar and 1 tea spoon salt.
Btw, that's all.

Now you have to boil the prepared marinade. Our mixed vegetables you have to put to enough large glass and fill it up with simmer marinade. Close the glass by cover. After 10 minuter flip your glass and place in on glass' cover.

When glass became cold your cabbage is ready.

Simple, yes?

Picked cherry tomato in marinade

No any supermarket that can offer you it. This is exclusively home made.

You have to take say 1 pound of nice small cherry tomato, prepare 4-5 cloves of garlic and
1 small onion.

The spices you need are: dill, whole black pepper, sweet pepper and cloves.

Now to time for marinade. You have to take 1 liter of water, 50 gram of sugar, 50 gram
salt and 3 table spoons of vinegar.

The last step.
Wash tomato and to pierce each use toothpick in the place of pedicle. The onion and garlic
cut to circles. Put tomato to clear glass mix with spices. Fill your glass up with hot marinade. Close the glass use glass' cover, flip glass up and place on cover.

After 3 days your tomato will be ready. Enjoy it!

Such plat must be on every table at every home!

This is very tasty and useful! Fruits help our heart in his everyday work and by the way is much better cold snack than any sandwich!