Beetroot with an orange.

Beet is very useful. She even used to treat cancer disease.
Eating beet 2 times a month - it will be great cancer prevention.

1 boiled beet clean and cut to thin circles. 1-2 orange
also clean and cut to thin circles (do not forget to remove
pits).Serve it beautiful putting beet and orange on plate,
add salt, pepper and olive or sesame oil.

The result is very tasty, delicious.

Salad from cucumbers and eggs.

This simple cucumber's salad I love from childhood. And this is probably one of my the most favorite salads.

And, because exactly my mother teach me of this salad, I call it as "The mother's salad" :)

Ok, now how with it. I take 3 boiled eggs, 1 long green cucumber, 1 small onion, a few leaf lettuce, and dill. Slice all cut and fill out mayonnaise and yoghurt. Add salt as you like and black pepper.

Easy? Yes! But yummy and oh... how I like it!

For me it's perfect as separate dish or like garnish.

Try it!

Colorful vegetable salad.

The recipe for this salad come own intuitive way :) Simply, I took vegetables
that has been in the refrigerator. But result was surprisingly tasty and nonusual.

The vegetables I has: onion, orange, paprika, leaf lettuce, black olives,
canned sweet corn.

Slice all vegetables, I sure the form size may be vary from one to other.
The amount of every component may be vary too, based on what you like or
what you have :)

Okay. Mix it all, add olive oil, salt, black pepper, a little bit mayonnaise,
orange (if your one is not very sweet, add sugar).

The result like a a lot as well as my family. It was very juicy,
beautiful and somehow gladness (from autumn sun maybe?) salad. Try it!

Potato salad.

Today I decide make easy potato salad and here is how I make it.

The cool stuff is you have not eat much, enough few spoons really :)

Well... I take 1 onion and finely slice it.
I take too 3 middle size potato, boil it, slice to cubes about 2x2 cm.
And as finish step I mix my onion with potatoes and add mayonnaise, salt, and
black pepper.

That's all :) Try it, you see this is very simply, this dish can make even a child :)
But it tasty and very nourishing!

Great looking vegetables without recipe

Yes, there are no any recipe :) This is just idea how to easy and nice serve vegetables.

So, slice all your vegetables and lay out to the large flat dish.

Yesterday I take one cucumber and few tomatoes and spice it with pinch a salt, pinchsugar, black pepper, fresh dill, lemon juice and drop a bit olive and sunflower oil.

As you see all this is very simple but looking nice. The vegetables served such way will great for any table, I sure. All brilliant is simple! Try it!

Fruits in the "air batter"

If you need to cook something quickly for your hungry kids,
keep in minds this recipe that I discover recently.

I call the dough for it "air batter" because it really very airy.
This is because the ingredients I take for it.

Firstly about fruits. You are free to take any fruits that you have
exactly now like apples, peaches, bananas, plums, pineapple etc.
But I think citrus fruits aren't good for it, just not fit.

Okay, now about batter. This is cool. You have to take 1 egg and beat
up with 1 tablespoon of sugar and a pinch of salt.
After add potato starch and wheat flour, 2 tablespoons both.
Continue beating. The batter have to be enough liquid, similar sour cream by consistence.

The pieces of fruits dip in the batter and use your favorite frying
pan or deep fry. The deep fry seem better. In case you use deep fry use
napkin for remover excess oil.

Spread with honey. Very tasty with warm milk. Enjoy!

Sweet thick pancake with vegetables

I decide to make this kind of pancake sweet, and with 1 small zucchini, 1 carrot and 1 apple.
Here is how I do this delicious and easy dish.

I grate all my vegetables, add 2 tablespoon of sugar, 20 gram of vanilla sugar, and a little bit salt, no more than 1/5 teaspoon.

Mix all it carefully and wait about 5 minutes until vegetables begin give out own juices.

The next step is adding 1 egg, 5 tablespoon of flour and half of teaspoon of baking powder. Again mix it up to uniform consistence.

Now I fry my thick pancakes (both sides) with small amount of oil.

As result I have great looking and nice smelled pancakes that you may eat with jam or honey.

Here is one more advantage. If your kids don't like carrots or zucchini you still may use these vegetables because nobody will have a guess what they eat :) So why not to make this tasty and quick breakfast?

Apple pie

The classic pie that I remember from my kids years...

Take 3 eggs and shake up in the glass with sugar and vanilla sugar (take about 20 gram vanilla sugar). You have to have at end thick foam.

Now add 1 cup flour, 10 gram baking powder and again shake it up. As result you have to have the dough similar to sour.

Now the time for apples. Take 3-4 apples and slice it to segments. Lubricate your beloved baking form and sprinkle it with flour.

Pour out to the form 1/3 of your dough, put half of your apples, now again dough, apples, and dough.

Put the form to heated oven (about 200 C degree) and bake it up to ready. Usually it take 40 minutes.

At end, take the cake out from the form. lubricate with any jam or sprinkle with sugar powder. That's all.

Baked apples

Well... time for sweety one! This stuff is so easy from one side and so nice from other so we all (I and all my amily) just love it!

This dish actual at any part of year, but now when apples awaiting pick up is actual much more!

Take the apples. Well know apples that you meet in any market or maybe your backyard too. Cut in half and remove seeds. Put apples into some fireproof tableware or just your beloved baking tray. Put to inside of each half teaspoon sugar. You can also add vanillin or cinnamon.
Now put apples in heat oven (approx. 200 C degree) and bake it about 15 minutes.

That's all. Excellent and healthy dessert. By the way, tasty great cold as well hot!